Possible projects include patient education materials, health student education materials,  medical conference coverage, other physician education products, and books.  Ruth’s specialty is educational writing. This includes patient education materials and writing geared to health professionals.  She writes across the biomedical sciences, but she is particularly interested in autoimmune diseases and neurology.

Though she is firmly rooted in a tradition of evidence based medicine, Ruth is comfortable taking on projects in both allopathic and complementary medicine.   She writes only high quality, readable, well-sourced material.  She provides rigorous, thorough editing and reliably professional products.  Through close communication with clients, she ensures that products are delivered on time and to specification.

Dr. Hickman prefers to work for a per project fee, but per hour rates may be negotiated in special cases.  She only takes on projects inside her realm of expertise at which she can excel.  She is happy to discuss the details of your project to see if her skill set matches your needs.